The Dormant Mind

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a dormant mind. The dormant human mind is a supreme example of evolutionary excellence and is simply a marvel to behold.

It allows us to experience the wonders of reality on this amazing planet, to sleep, to love, to laugh and even to send rockets to the Moon. Hats off to whoever conceived it.

Since modern science probed into the inner workings of the brain, where the mind is thought to reside, it has been puzzled why so much of the brain doesn’t seem to have a function. Also, it’s been reported that heart transplant patients experience new memories and feelings that may be attributable to the donor organ. This makes us think – which is remarkable in itself – where is the mind anyway?

This article is the first of three is aimed at shedding some light on this seemingly imponderable question – the companion articles are The Awakening Mind and The Ascended Mind – we recommend you read them as a tryptych.

One of the most amazing aspects of our minds, is that we can live perfectly normally and happily without even thinking about it at all. The diagram below shows you how we operate in this dormancy.

The dormant mind consists of a set of inputs that we respond to and make up our picture of the world. These are our five senses of smell, taste, feeling, sound and sight, to put them in some sort of evolutionary order.

The inputs from these senses build up over our life times as a set of memories that help us in turn to respond to and assimilate new stimuli and situations. Our outputs come from our voice and how we use our bodies to interact with the world. For example, my brain or mind is driving my hands to type these words. A painter might work on a canvas or a gynmast perform feats of elegance with their whole body.

Somewhere in the mix, we may be aware that there seems to be a narrator inside our head who seems to commentate on what is going on. That same narrator plays back conversations we’ve had and rehearses conversations, speeches or performances planned in the future. That same narrator seems to carry our mood and can be our internal driving force or our severest critic.

If you have ever wondered who that narrator is, if it’s you or someone else, then your mind is moving from Dormancy to Awakening.

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