The Awakening Mind

When you start to think that there must be more to life than this, you are on the cusp of awakening.

Sometimes this state can end in depression and other times with you going on endless courses and seminars searching for the meaning of life.

Some join religion or cults. Some resort to alcohol, drugs, gambling, television or computer games in order to avoid true ‘reality’ and replace it with something temporarily more pleasurable.

For many this transition occurs between the ages of 35 and 45. Perhaps when the children have left home or the corporate wheel spins off its axle. It’s thought that an increasing number of children are being born already awakened which shows up as an apparent increase in autism and ADHD.

A major part of awakening is a realisation that there is something else going on that perhaps traditional religion, science and politicians don’t have answers for. Secularity, though fashionable, leaves something to be desired too.

While awakening you become increasingly aware that the web of life is interconnected here on Earth. You’re concerned about global issues such as poverty, injustice and warming.

You may even have read the first two chapters of A Brief History of Time and have learned that there are anthropic principles in operation in both large scale at the level of the Solar System and at the quantum level. If the Earth wasn’t at 93 million miles or so from the Sun, we wouldn’t be here. If the mass of the electron varied by as little as 1%, we wouldn’t be here to work out the mass of the electron in the first place.

Maybe you’ve read the Celestine Prophecy or watched The Secret. Perhaps you’ve experienced unexplainable synchronicities in your life and you prayers or your Cosmic Orders have been answered. Or perhaps they haven’t.

You’ve become aware that your unconscious mind has much more going on for it than you thought. You may have heard that the unconscious mind processes millions of ‘bits’ per second yet the conscious mind is only aware of between 5 to 9 ‘things’ at once.

So what’s happening to all that other information and who exactly is choosing which ‘things’ are important?

The Awakening Mind is aware that the unconscious mind is running the show. What it presents to the conscious mind is what creates our reality and what’s more, with practice and training, you can change the world around quite literally by changing your mind.

The Awakening Mind knows that the more you practice being lucky, the luckier you seem to get.

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