The Ascended Mind

The next stage can happen once you awaken and get the conscious and unconscious mind integrated – with all negative emotions not so much suppressed or eliminated but under control and understood.

You really start to be aware of your thoughts and know those that are yours and those that aren’t.

You may be surprised to learn that the latter outnumber the former by some way.

You start to use and control very-alive powers. You work completely at Cause and take responsibility for absolutely everything that happens in your world. You accept and own the fact you create and control your reality.

Real magic occurs in your life but you are not carried away by it as your ego is under your control.

You understand that we are all one in your cellular consciousness. You lose the fear of death.

You start to know things you couldn’t possibly know. You affect change just from your presence. But you do not lose the skills you started with or your personality. They are just enhanced, honed and focused.

You may see, hear and feel things that are other worldly. Sometimes time itself disappears too.

You also know that although your mind has ascended to another level, you are just at the bottom rung of another ladder. You are completely happy with that and act like a child learning to use the parts of your brain that were previously dormant.

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2 Responses to The Ascended Mind

  1. Sharmel says:

    I was just reading your article on the acended mind, this is the stage that i am trying to get at, I am having a very hard time creating the a merge between my awaken, and sleeping self. I discovered a lot things about my sleeping self, we are two different people. Can you offer any suggestons on how to do this, I try meditating I know there is something i am not doing right. I know you have to be asleep but awake but I am have a very hard time. I am receptive to the sprits, I communitcate with my spirit guides every night, I speak to the Lord and Jesus right through me, but they teach you and want you to learn on your own. Do you have any suggestions.

  2. liberatingdivinity says:

    Hi Sharmel

    To become awake we must go inside. We must explore the parts of our Self that are unconscious. The two different people you describe are the Conscious, and Unconscious Minds, sometimes these are called the Left and Right brains.

    There is a logical part of you and a holistic part of you. To become awake the two parts must communicate fully.

    This full communication is actually never complete, but constantly increases and becomes stronger,. As it does so your sense of being awake, and indeed life itself, becomes deeper, richer and more meaningful and more rewarding.

    Start noticing yourself. Become aware of yourself. Become a witness, without judgment to yourself.

    Hope that helps. Contact me via e-mail if you would like more


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