Why materialism is essential for ascension

July 3, 2008

There is nothing enlightened about being broke. If you are broke then you have not mastered spiritual success.

I know, I know this is controversial. I get regular messages telling me that spiritual development should be “free and available to all”.

Actually it should be the most expensive investment of your entire life. You should prioritise it up there with your housing or car – even above your car. It has certainly been above my car for years.

Why? Because if you have mastered esoteric techniques as they were meant to be taught then material success will follow.

The Four BodiesAccording to many ancient spiritual and esoteric texts before the ascent in spirit can begin, the descent into matter must be complete. This is also expressed by “as above so below”.

Until the individual has mastered the material realms they will not be able to fully ascend into the spiritual realms.

All too often though, the material world is rejected before it is mastered. If you are to evolve it must be rejected but this can only happen when it has been mastered. Think about desire or wanting things. Many spiritual teachers instruct their students that desire is bad. They say that desire will distract you from your spiritual goals.

This is true, but the way to quench desire is to satisfy it. If you want or desire something, the only way to fully and completely stop yourself from wanting, is by having. When you can have anything you want, you no longer want, by satisfying your every desire.

This does not mean that you or anyone else following this principle will become greedy. Exactly the opposite is true. Greed is born out of fear, fear of lack, fear of scarcity; fear that there won’t be enough. If you are fearful that you can’t manifest your needs or wants in the future, you will be inclined to seek out more than you need right now, to be greedy for more than you need.

If you have absolute 100% confidence that you could manifest anything you desire at a moment’s notice, you would have no need to be greedy. So the way to eradicate greed is to empower yourself with the knowledge that you can manifest anything you want.

When we incarnate from spirit, our consciousness moves down from the spiritual body into the mental body. At this point although we are aware of the material realm, we have not yet mastered it. At the same time, when our consciousness has awakened to the mental body we will have some memory of the spiritual realms and yearn to return there.

This yearning we may try to satisfy by seeking spiritual enlightenment. We may reject the material realm. We may try to ascend back to the spiritual world from whence we came. Indeed many people at this time endeavour to achieve this. They go on spiritual retreats and meditate. They join ashrams and orders. But without the grounding that comes from mastering the physical realms ascension is impossible.

With spiritual techniques and knowledge you can master the physical realm. Indeed it is only with spiritual techniques that you can achieve ascension. You must embrace the consciousness within all of your bodies until it is grounded in the physical and then you can ascend.

Mastering Materialism

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