EGO – Emotions Edge God Out

July 10, 2008

Ego is a frequently used word in spiritual teachings. But what does it actually mean?

It usually has some kind of negative connotations, and many people think of it as linked to arrogance.

But this is only part of the story. In fact – if you think ego, or working from ego is negative – then you have ego!

Ego is that “stuff” or those feelings that get between you and your connection to the source

It also get’s between you and other people.

If you have any judgment about another’s behaviour – that is your own ego. If you think someone is behaving badly you are making a judgement and that is ego.

Even if you are judging something as GOOD that is ego.

Ego is separation, and the ego wants you to remain separate from others and the source. If there is no separation and you become one with the universe the ego disappears. The ego is fighting for its survival and does so through emotions.

Sometimes these emotions might seem nice. You might look at another person and think “I am good. They are bad”. This sort of ego-driven comparison might cause you to feel good or superior to others. This might seem to feel good in the short term, but is ultimately unsatisfying and halts your evolution.

The goal of your spiritual evolution is to bring your Higher Self down and merge it with your conscious and unconscious minds. When the unconscious mind is full of blocks, limitations, limiting beliefs and all the other aspects of the ego the Higher Self cannot exist here.

Those blocks, limitations, limiting beliefs are simply ego.

Emotions only Ever Lie

Release your emotions – Free yourself from EGO

When you release your negative emotions, and other blocks, you create “space” for your Higher Self to merge with the rest of your mind.

Sometimes we think the releasing of these blocks will be painful and difficult. But actually the opposite is true. Holding on to our pain and blocks simply causes us more pain.

But we don’t need to face our demons – we simple need to release them. Set them free. Once they are released they will simply evaporate and vanish. When we release them, let them go – our own Higher Self can destroy the pain.

In order to release a negative emotion or block, fist notice it. When this happens it can feel like a problem. It’s only a problem when you think of it like that. In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity to release another part of your ego, to accelerate your evolution and to bring down your Higher Self.

Most spiritual programmes have no effective method of releasing emotions. At Psycademy we like to do things differently. We make Higher Self Therapy available so you can release ego and pain

The goal of a Lightworker is to constantly be self aware and own everything. Not only the parts of ourselves we don’t like, we have become very good at this. But also to own and let go of those emotions we label positive.

Positive emotions are just as seductive, but when we have them and feel them – they are not US. They are something separate to us. When you let go of having or feeling joy, peace, bliss, then you BECOME joy, peace bliss.

Would you rather FEEL joy – or BE joy?

Would you rather FEEL peace – or BE peace?

Would you rather FEEL bliss – or BE bliss?

Higher Self Therapy release the pain. Release the ego, and let your higher self in.

Free yourself. Free your mind