Changing your state of mind

August 1, 2008

I first connected with Lisa Turner through a social business online community that seems to specialise in serendipitous connections called Ecademy on 12-Jul-06 5:57pm. I am forever thankful to Penny and Thomas Power, Ecademy’s founder and chairman, for making this possible.

At the time, Lisa went under the moniker of “Psychic Scientist”, which she is, and I was looking for some help and guidance on a novel I had started writing. I was exploring what was known about the cosmos and kept getting brought back to our very consciousness.

The chain of events I was about to start stretched way beyond my imagination. I was already fairly enlightened and spiritually aware but it was all in my conscious mind – I was intellectually knowledgeable about some ‘stuff’ but I didn’t know it.

For now, to keep this story short, I ended up having a Personal Breakthrough with Lisa and enrolling on here Lightworker Training programme and making the transition documented in these three pages.

I hope you find this information useful for you on your journeys and I am happy for you to contact me to discuss it – details here

& yes, I liked what I experienced so much that I’ve become an active part of the company supporting Lisa to take the message and her gifts globally by changing one person at a time 🙂

Tom Evans

1st August ’08