How do you, and why should you, Haa breathe?

August 7, 2008

Haa Breathing is a really useful way to both still your mind and raise and maintain your energy.

Have a listen to Lisa’s quick guide on why and how to do it here …

We recommend you do this for at least 5 minutes every day … you will notice the change in yourself after a week and we hope want to learn more …


Finding and maintaining your inspiration

July 2, 2008

Pile of booksThere is no question about it. Writing a book is a task that gives you immense pleasure when it appears in print and even more pleasure when you get reader reviews. It is also a task that will require a not inconsiderable amount of dedication of your time.

So you had that initial inspiration to write the book. Perhaps an idea came in a dream – a whole story, plot and cast of characters. Perhaps you heard about how writing a business book could transform you into a guru in demand for interviews on radio and TV and as a speaker on the circuit.
Ofttimes I come across writers who just start but never finish. And I know this as I’ve been there too …
Writers will undoubtedly hit blocks throughout the process. Whether it is simply that ideas just dry up or, more commonly, that the hustle and bustle of life just gets in the way. Events conspire against the budding author that eat into the already precious time that has been allocated to writing.

The book is often a labour of love as opposed to a commissioned work. Advances from publishers just seem to be doled out to sport or pop stars (or their ghost writers) for the autobiography of a 21 year old.

It’s natural therefore when the family or the bank account demands your attention, writing that book falls by the way side.

The trick to all this is much deeper than simply having an idea and the time and space to implement it. The inspiration to write the book needs to be embedded into your DNA.

Using techniques modified from the worlds of Neuro- linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy, we’ve come up with a process that seems to help and get consistently good results.

The process we go through is as follows:
– chunking up on the reason that you want to write the book in the first place
– aiming for the best possible end result
– clearing all negative emotional baggage (in this life and even previous ones)
– perceptual positioning to take you on the readers’ journey before, during and after they have read your book
– connecting your current self with the successfully published author you will become in the future
We call this latter phenomenon this quantum entanglement with the words you haven’t written yet …..


You can learn more about the techniques we use at our regular workshops or when you undertake our correspondence course – details and registration here

Using Meditation to Unleash the Book Inside

June 26, 2008

They say there’s a book in everyone but, for most people, the thought of writing a book is so daunting they simply never start. Another reason people don’t pick up their pen is because they think they don’t have the time.

There is a way though. The human mind is so powerful that your book can virtually write itself without your conscious control – and even while you sleep.

The key lies in tapping into the Cosmic Mind through the practice of regular meditation. At first, in a time pressured world, adding 10 to 20 minutes of meditation time to your daily schedule is somewhat counter intuitive, especially if you are planning to add the writing a book to your task list as well. Yet by meditating each day for only 10-20 minutes, you learn how ‘not to think’ at all and you start to unleash untapped creativity trapped inside you. Just a week or so is enough to get amazing results and the benefits start to pay back in regained time in all aspects of your life.

Through the practice of quietening the conscious mind you receive your guiding motivation and start to manifest situations and information in your ‘real life’ to assist you in your writing. In time, the whole process becomes effortless and you find that words come to you without you having to make any conscious intervention. At this point, you become a channeller.

I discovered the ability to do this when I started to write a novel a couple of years ago on the latest thinking in cosmology. I had only been meditating for a few months before I started.

My research into the novel inevitably took me into the field of consciousness. It was becoming clear to me that a better model of the Universe was that it existed because of consciousness of all things and not that consciousness was a phenomenon caused by the Universe.

Download the full article here [PDF – 120kB]


June 26, 2008

Souls touch
Souls move
Souls love
Touching Souls

Waves roll
Waves break
Waves swell
Rolling Waves

From a single point
Beginning and ending
Massless, chargeless
Gravity unbending

Across countless aeons
Full of insight
Travelling the Field
Faster than light

Karmically formed
Purpose unspoken
Once attached
Cannot be broken

Outside Space
Inside Time
Entangled for reasons
Balanced in rhyme

© Tom Evans 2007

Using a Meditation Machine to aid creativity

June 1, 2008

Before I started meditating, I thought it was a waste of time. As a busy person, I couldn’t afford to waste even 10 minutes during a day. Now I’ve been doing it for nearly 2 years, I feel I can’t afford not to do it – the benefits to my health, my demeanour AND my creativity are just immense.

Personally, I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to meditation and I had a great teacher who showed me some really easy breathing and mind control techniques. I realise that not everyone finds it easy to go into a meditative state, although anyone who is engrossed in a film or Coronation Street has experienced one. If you ever got home in your car and couldn’t remember your journey, you have been in some sort of trance.

If you find meditation hard, then help is on hand. A good friend of The Bookwright, Ivor Murray of Meditations UK supplies a marvelous range of meditation machines.

Mind SpaI’ve got a Mind Spa machine and find it really useful if I ever need an extra boost of creativity – OR if we have house guests and I need to block out external noise !

If you are starting to write a book, or any creative process, then I highly recommend it.

Apart from its benefits from a generative perspective, it is good for reducing stress, insomnia and even helping with other medical conditions such as blood pressure (don’t stop taking the pills though without consulting your doctor)

You can get hold of a machine with a cast iron 30 day money back scheme so what’s to lose ???

More details on Ivor’s site here …