How your personal evolution could save the planet.

September 11, 2008

According to the Clare Graves (who is a man) individuals and groups evolve through certain levels according to their values.  According to the work of Clare Graves, communities, populations and cultures evolve through what he calls “values” levels. Please note this is just a model which is useful to help us understand evolution of communities. It should not be used to judge people as being better or worse.

Evolution of values systems takes place within populations and cultures. Cultures evolve through these levels. In addition, people experience evolving through these levels in their lifetime. Organisations / groups of people also evolve through these levels.

1. Survival Oriented:
This person is totally alone. They have no associations with anyone else. No-one is currently living at this level except in very unusual situations where someone has been stranded somewhere – e.g. soldiers stranded after 2nd world war. Some people in abusive families exist at survival level.

2. Tribal Oriented This level occurs where there is a group with a chief, who is often a medicine man or woman. Within the group no-one has personal choice. Everyone does what the chief says. They live in a magical, mystical world. The village they live in is magic, and everything outside was “scary”. As long as they stayed in the village they were OK. The elements – wind, rain, etc were messages from the gods. The medicine man/woman/chief interprets the messages. They know what they needed to do as a tribe to stay safe from the “scary elements”. No one has choice. Everything they do is to please the medicine man, and everything he told them to do was to please the gods/ goddesses.

They evolve to the next level when:
Certain people become disenchanted with the tribe / medicine man and they strike out on their own. They let go of being a victim and get understanding.

3. Aggression oriented
Then they become totally alone again. They live like a Wild West Gunfighter. They have no respect for anyone or anything. Their model of the world is “Kill or be killed”. It is a regression of sorts. They have no guilt, and are into instant gratification. Their motto would be “I do what suites me and only me right now”. They live in a dangerous place but handle it by taking out the danger before it takes them out. Inner city gangs are at this level.

They evolve to the next level when:
They become disenchanted or guilt kicks in. so they go back into joining the system again. They get caught and go to prison (prison is a values level 4 system) They let go of hurt and rejection and get acceptance of self.

4. System oriented (the loyalist)
Most large businesses, governments, and organised religions are at 4.In a values level 4 system there is someone in charge and it’s not you. You sacrifice yourself now for salvation later.

You do what the boss, government, or leader says, even if you didn’t like it because you believed there would be some pay off later, e.g a pension or you go to heaven.

Very guilt oriented – fear of doing something other than you are told, and the guilt you feel after you’ve done it.

They evolve to the next level when:
Someone decides they don’t want to sacrifice now for a pay off later. They want it NOW. So I’m going to go out and get it. I’m not going to wait until I’m 65. I want it now.
They let go of guilt and unworthiness and get forgiveness (of self)

5. Materialist oriented – Entrepreneur (Achiever)
This person is money, goal, materialist, oriented. They are into Instant gratification – they are not going to save up for a Porsche and say “I’m going to buy it now.” They are hard driven, acquire more things and more money

They evolve to the next level when:

For some reason their money disappears, Burn out / business / stock market crashes and they loose all their money and they look up and say “There must be more to life than this.” They let go of unfulfilled expectations and totally let go and go with the flow.

6. Group and Cause oriented (Involver)So they become group and cause oriented. Ban the bomb, Save the whale, Greenpeace.

They are into not going out and getting things for themselves, they want everyone to have the same. They value equality – so they form groups. Unfortunately the groups don’t achieve much because they want group consensus. So they don’t do anything unless everyone agrees. Which in practice means – nothing gets done. Everything is shared out. Fairness. Everyone is involved, everyone votes.

Interestingly Level 6’s (and 4’s) can’t understand Level 5 or 7. so they don’t understand the need to sell themselves, and get annoyed when people try to sell to them, and often ask for “energy exchanges”

They evolve to the next level when:
You realise you are doing all the work, but are sharing the rewards equally. You get tired of things not working and you say “Sod this” and strike out on your own again at a higher level.

7. Existential (choice seeker) – a quantum leap / water shed
People at this level can adopt any of the values levels below when it suites them, in order to get the results they need. They are results oriented as long as – it doesn’t harm anyone else. Whereas at level 5 – you don’t care if someone else loses, as long as you get your result. At level 7 you develop the true win – win. I am results oriented, but with the condition that I don’t harm anyone, I don’t take from anyone else.

They believe “The way for me to win is by other people winning.” But not at their own expense (that’s level 6).

They are significantly more integrated, as they move beyond the notion of roles in their life. Prior to 7 they might be a different person in different situations. They might be a different person at work, to how they are with their kids to how they are with their parents.

As level 7 they lose these “roles”. They just are who they are. They are the same in every single context. It’s just me. They are very comfortable with themselves and others. They have true flexibility. They can handle change and don’t take other’s behaviour personally.

Level 7’s can do business and sell, and they do, but it must be a fair exchange. Whereas 6’s will give it away or want things for free.

I am passionate about evolution because it will ultimately save the planet and our society. Left unchecked 6’s can squander the wealth accumulated by 5’s but without the compassion of 6’s, 5’s will strip the planet and society bare. The ideal is to become a fully actualised in value level 7.

We need the compassion of level 6 but the business approach of level 5. We need to marry heart (6) and mind (5). We need to bring spirit into business and business into sprit.

At level 7’s will use the win-win business approach to ensure that all win and no-one’s expense.

The good news is that not everyone has to get to level 7 just enough of the population and enough in power. Will it be you? Do you want to help others to evolve like this?

On our NLP prac and NLP master coach training you will evolve yourself and learn to help others do the same. Call me to find out how you can evolve yourself and help others to evolve.  0800 0409115


‘Thoughts’ on Love and Imagination

July 25, 2008

Many scientific theories and discoveries start with a conjecture.

Sometimes they start in a dream or in a day dream. For example, the German organic scientist [sic] Kekulé ‘discovered’ the benzene ring after dreaming about a snake eating its own tail.

When people dream, their conscious mind is suppressed and access to the ethereal and astral planes is possible. In these planes, you can access information from the past and the future and information which we classify as ‘not known’. Like the structure of benzene.

When people channel, they are effectively initiating and achieving a dream-like state with conscious volition.

The reason for this preamble is that the content in this article comes from these sources.

It is not scientifically verified, it might not be true but neither is it a lie, it’s just a conjecture for readers to take from it what they wish.


For some decades now, cosmologists have worked out that there’s not enough matter (or stuff) in the observable universe to explain why it hasn’t just flown apart. Even Einstein had to come up with a big fudge factor to make his equations add up. His greatest mistake he later called his Cosmological Constant. Modern cosmologists have conjectured that the stuff they can’t see must be “dark matter”‘ and “dark energy”.

While writing my current novel, which is also channelled, I have been having creative fun and freedom to come up with possible answers to such imponderables like “where’s all this dark stuff then?”

The art of a good channeller is never to challenge, interpret or distort the flashes of insight. This is what I’ve been getting.

The dark or un-seeable energy simply can’t be seen by looking ‘out there’. If it exists at all, it resides and travels on dimensions wrapped up (or down) in the ones we perceive.

It is Thought that is holding our four dimensions together and the Thought comes from higher realms of consciousness and awareness manifested through matter. So all matter has a consciousness and the bigger and denser the matter, like stars and planets, the deeper and higher the wisdom. More on this in the novel which incidentally is called Soulwave.


In art, music and literature through the ages, Love has often been depicted as a force. It is a modulation of thought waves and if you have thoughts based on or directed by love, they travel with universal tide of thought.

To understand this better, here’s something that Lisa Turner channelled on a training. You always know she’s channelling as a student has to write it down.

I guess we have all experienced negative emotions and, when you have, they can be quite destructive and ruin your day completely. There are five main negative emotions and they can all be expressed as an opposite aspect of love.

Anger – you are angry you are not loved or your love is not being reciprocated

Sadness – you feel sad you are not receiving or giving love

Fear – you are afraid of losing love

Guilt – perhaps you aren’t giving enough love or taking too much

Hurt – you are aggrieved through lack of love or having someone to love

In this context, you can see that holding any negative thoughts around love will have you flowing against the tide. Think of how you can introduce love into a situation and your thoughts will spread out more easily.

If you think of love as a particle or wave that is carried on the thought field, it has a smoother ride if not interfered with, or even destroyed, by ‘anti-particles’ composed of negative emotions.


The concept of the Big Bang has been around for thousands of years. Only in the last century has its after-shock, the cosmic background radiation, been observed and measured.

The alchemists believed that imagination is built into the very fabric of matter and that, with training and discipline, you only had to imagine something for it to come into being.

If this is true then, extrapolating backwards billions of years, the Big Bang can only have been the result of a cosmic leap of imagination, The spiritual after-shock of which results in faith, or background memory, in a Creator or the Source.

With extrapolation, if every animate and inanimate thing is composed of remnants of the Big Bang, we are all parts of the Source. The separation of which allows the Source to have the experience of self-awareness.

Bringing it all together

Have you ever been in a creative mood, simply loving what you are doing where imaginative thoughts coming in thick and fast? Some people call this being in the flame.

Well what you are doing is working with the full flow of the Universe and not against it.

What is generated is a self-perpetuating and self-fueling loop which can so easily be disrupted by running negative emotions.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Eye NebulaP.S. The image to the right is of The Eye or Helix Nebula which is the remnant of a supernova that exploded aeons ago. It is also known by the way as the Eye of God and sometimes Melek Metatron.

This star exploded in a self-less act of love so that, from it, more stars and planets and life could form. The fact we can see this from Earth means that some atoms from the explosion are probably in every single one of us. We are sentient star dust. By the way, it’s light takes 700 or so years to get here so we are looking at it as it was around 1300 AD when the telescope had yet to be dreamt up !!

In another act of love and with her star-formed self-awareness, Lisa has embedded a gift of healing into this image. I then had a thought of an experiment. Imagine what would happen if you forwarded a link to this article to 2,3 or 100 friends and then they did the same. Then imagine the resulting Soulwave spreading more thoughts of love and imagination around the planet.

If you like the idea of being a part of this ‘wave, then please send this link to your friends & family

Just imagine what would happen …

P.P.S. This is the end of this particular channelling. Your Thoughts, Love and Imagination are much appreciated in the Comments box below.

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The God Allusion

July 23, 2008
Tom Evans, CIO

Tom Evans, CIO

Like many post-war babies, I grew up in an era of new prosperity and awareness. My parents did what they thought and knew best for me and raised me as a good Roman Catholic boy. Initiation into the priesthood was even on the cards at one point.

Around 13 or so though, I started to question the veracity and relevance of the God I had been given. The model didn’t seem to fit. This wasn’t just peer pressure, discovering rock & roll or noticing the opposite sex. There was just something about Catholicism that didn’t sit right to me as a way to run one’s life in the 20th century.

I focused on science at school and studied Electronics at university so that, by the time I started proper employment, my world view had completely changed. I had a new God, the God of Science. The model of the Universe, evolution, even our own consciousness could all be explained by a Big Bang, a sprinkling of probability and a soup of organic molecules – all catalysed by lightning and left to stew for a few billion years.

The Clockwork Universe with its Blind Creator had pulled off a pretty neat trick of making sentient star dust. The need to pay lip service to a deity didn’t factor. Anyway it also sounded pretty trendy to call yourself an agnostic humanist – and hedge your bets at the same time.

As corporate life segued into building and running my own business, the God of Commerce became my new driver. Success, fame, money and having the latest gadgets were the order of the day. I was even responsible for designing some of them too.

Now I have always taken things apart to see how they worked. To my parents’ chagrin, not always putting them successfully back together. In my early 40’s, I had a Reiki healing session. Up to that point, I thought that The Chakras was just a good name for a band. What happened on that day surprised me and caused me to re-evaluate everything.

Not only did healing occur but I experienced a whole auric body vibration that I still remember vividly. My Reiki healer had even said at the time, “This is weird, Tom.” It had never happened to her in all her years of healing and it wasn’t just a subjective experience as she had felt it too.

What I had experienced that day lead me to challenge my new Gods of Science and Commerce. I had found something new to take apart, analyse and understand.

My journey since then has involved studying esoterics, quantum physics, psychology, cosmology and evolution. It also involved becoming a Reiki healer, studying the Tarot and discovering the way that our conscious mind communicates with our Higher Self through the unconscious.

All of this has led me to realise that there was another God lurking in the shadows – one that had been hijacked by the major world religions, dressed up in dogma and that has been largely forgotten. This is I AM God within each of us.

What fully brought this realisation on was ironically going see Richard Dawkins, having just read his excellent treatment on evolution, The Ancestors Tale. He was talking about his latest book, The God Delusion. What I experienced was a really intelligent man having an easy pop at traditional religion. I found it somewhat ironic that he presented from behind a lectern as if he was giving a sermon from a pulpit. It dawned on me that his, and my, God of Science was no less prone to dogma and blind faith than the ones he was decrying.

The God of Science, for example, can’t find what large swathes of DNA or what most of the brain is for. It also appears that 90% or more of the Universe is hidden in some form of Dark Energy and Matter.

Admittedly, it has taken the scientific approach to be able to ask these questions. It is possible though that these answers can’t found because science is looking in entirely the wrong place. While it is admirable to aim for a Grand Unified Theory, the search will be fruitless unless it integrates consciousness into the model, as opposed to it being merely an epiphenomenon of the evolution of life.

It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to work out that the Gods of all the major different religions must be one and the same. In the same way, it’s clear that there must be common ground between the new Gods of Science and Commerce and the Old Gods and esoteric wisdom. By merging the knowledge from both camps, somewhere in the middle we will reach an even higher level of understanding.

In order to foster this dialogue, there will be a need for a new common language. In spiritual circles, you hear talk of “the new energies” and “the new frequencies of golden blue light”. This language is vague as it’s sometimes difficult to explain the unexplainable. It is interesting that the n-dimensional quantum physicists also have had to rely on the esoteric language of mathematics, which is equally inaccessible and incomprehensible to many.

Achieving this commonality in language is probably as difficult as starting the dialogue between the spiritual and scientific camps in the first place. There are fortunately many thinkers and writers making some good in roads in this direction. This is fueled by a growing appetite for such information from an increasingly secular society.

Our ability to get words out to a wide audience via the Internet and in books, through print-on-demand technology, has never been greater. In the beginning of the last great shift in consciousness was The Word. As we approach a time of the next great shift, the clarity and harmony of collective thought, and the choice of our words, is of paramount importance.

Get free issues and subscribe here

Get free issues and subscribe here

As published in Paradigm Shift in July ’08 – the magazine focusing on ascension

Finding and maintaining your inspiration

July 2, 2008

Pile of booksThere is no question about it. Writing a book is a task that gives you immense pleasure when it appears in print and even more pleasure when you get reader reviews. It is also a task that will require a not inconsiderable amount of dedication of your time.

So you had that initial inspiration to write the book. Perhaps an idea came in a dream – a whole story, plot and cast of characters. Perhaps you heard about how writing a business book could transform you into a guru in demand for interviews on radio and TV and as a speaker on the circuit.
Ofttimes I come across writers who just start but never finish. And I know this as I’ve been there too …
Writers will undoubtedly hit blocks throughout the process. Whether it is simply that ideas just dry up or, more commonly, that the hustle and bustle of life just gets in the way. Events conspire against the budding author that eat into the already precious time that has been allocated to writing.

The book is often a labour of love as opposed to a commissioned work. Advances from publishers just seem to be doled out to sport or pop stars (or their ghost writers) for the autobiography of a 21 year old.

It’s natural therefore when the family or the bank account demands your attention, writing that book falls by the way side.

The trick to all this is much deeper than simply having an idea and the time and space to implement it. The inspiration to write the book needs to be embedded into your DNA.

Using techniques modified from the worlds of Neuro- linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy, we’ve come up with a process that seems to help and get consistently good results.

The process we go through is as follows:
– chunking up on the reason that you want to write the book in the first place
– aiming for the best possible end result
– clearing all negative emotional baggage (in this life and even previous ones)
– perceptual positioning to take you on the readers’ journey before, during and after they have read your book
– connecting your current self with the successfully published author you will become in the future
We call this latter phenomenon this quantum entanglement with the words you haven’t written yet …..


You can learn more about the techniques we use at our regular workshops or when you undertake our correspondence course – details and registration here

The pain of the planet

July 1, 2008

Holding the pain of the planetFor years I have used, and trained others in, the most sophisticated and effective therapies on the planet.

These therapies are specifically designed to release any amount of emotional and karmic pain.

And they work with amazing effectiveness.

I know they work, yet I still feel pain. For years I have mistakenly believed that this pain was mine.

This pain keeps me awake at night and pushes me on and on and on. This pain makes me strive to heal and help others and to do this in an ethical and karmically balanced way.

I have now realised this.

The pain that I feel is not mine at all. It is the pain of the entire planet.

For some reason this gift or curse that I have has enabled me to feel the pain, suffering, hurts and fears of all the souls on the planet. This pain means I know who I can help and who does not need what I offer. This pain means I know exactly what another’s problem is and how to help them best to heal it. This pain means I hurt, physically and almost all the time. But this pain is not mine.

This pain drives me on to strive to heal and change and enable others to grow, to evolve and achieve spiritual enlightenemnt. Sometimes I don’t know how I do what I do, I just do it and see the results. It caused me to set up Psycademy. It caused me to stay and work in this business doing what I do even though it is has been at massive personal expense and pain.

So many want and need what I offer yet so few will take the very steps they must take before I can help them.

This pain means that when someone contacts me or comes to me, joins my mailing list or even just reads my website or newsletter I know that I can help them. I feel the pain of others and I trigger them to become aware of it in themselves.

This opens up two paths for people.

  1. Some choose to join me. Some are ready to join Psycademy. They read our newsletter and learn and grow, they enrol on trainings or purchase our products. They grow, and heal and change and leave their pain behind. This frees not only them but myself.
  2. Others fear me. They are not ready and so they fear my business, they are suspicious. They come into contact with us and feel pain. They suddenly feel their own pain that they have kept suppressed for years. The mistakenly blame or accuse us, me for causing this pain. They attack me, viciously and personally, and that too hurts me. After all I’m only a human with a gift for raising awareness. But I know it is only their pain that is talking, not the true spirit behind them. So I forgive them and move on to the next person who is ready.

Right now, the world is in pain. Probably more pain than ever before. I can feel your pain. The fear, fear of lack, fear of failure, fear of the future, fear for your children and for your parents, fear for society, for the planet. I feel the guilt and the hurts and the anger at the injustice of the state of the planet right now. I feel the utter dispair.

Sometimes, late at night I allow myself to fully feel their pain. Do I feel it for them so that they don’t have to? Do I carry this burden for those who can’t? Just as any mother whose child is in pain will scream inside “Hurt me – let me feel the hurt for them?” Is this why I chose to carry it?

Do I feel it so that I can bring it to their awareness? I don’t know. It’s not really important. The important thing is that I keep on going. I keep offering the love and support that I do. I keep sending my newsletters, posting on my blog, going and meeting people, speaking to people, running my trainings, offering my therapies, offering my home study and home therapy packs. Offering to anyone who is ready and willing to recieve.

And I trust. I trust that all is well, and all will be well. Even in the pain of the now, I feel the joy and release of it too. Which always comes. Every time a soul finds their path, which may or may not be with Psycademy, I feel that release and that joy.

What I feel cannot be described. But I do not believe in am alone. There are a few, a very few who know what it takes for me to do what I do.

Join me. Leave me. Choose your path, but release your pain, and be free. Free yourselves. Free the planet.

Enlightened or Unenlightened

June 26, 2008

ChakraMany people will tell you they are spiritual. They will tell you they meditate, ask their angels, read their cards daily. But they seem to cling to the label of spirituality and preach evangelically to others about what they “should” do.

In most cases, those who say they are spiritual are not, because if they feel the need to TELL someone they are not living it.

True enlightenment speaks for itself. You demonstrate it in your actions, your aura, every fibre of your being broadcasts it.

People around you will feel it in their bones. They may not know what it is and they will say things like “there is just something about him/her”.

True enlightenment does not mean you live a blessed and perfect existence. But it shows in the way you meet life’s challenges. True enlightenment welcomes problems, taking responsibility for creating them and working to recognise why, how and how they can change themselves to overcome the problem.

One of the surest way to recognise an unenlightened soul is that they will judge others. An unenlightened person will act out when things don’t go the way they want them to. An unenlightened person will blame others.

An enlightened person will ask themselves “How did I create this?” or “How did I attract this?” An enlightened person will own their own pain.

An enlightened person will see another acting out and blaming and instead of blaming back, will say “they are just unenlightened”. And they will say this without judgment that this is worse or better than they are. It is simply an observation and a statement. As if it is a statement about the colour of the grass.

We can call the grass green and the sky blue this does not mean the grass is better than the sky or the sky is better than the grass. The difference is simply one of the frequencies of the light wave emanating from the sky or the grass.

This is the same with enlightenment. There are some who are more evolved and vibrate at a frequency that is higher than others, just as blue vibrates higher than red or green, does not make blue better than green.

An unenlightened person is no better or worse than an enlightened one. Just somewhere else on the scale.

Dream Inspiration

June 26, 2008

Dream inspirationThere is a light inside you. It fires your desires, leads you to move, and draws you to others. It is the connector for you to all things. It is the focal point for your psychic and spiritual energy and is where your reactions and feelings are strongest.

This light always shines no matter how dark or deep the tunnel you have dug for yourself. It shines towards the best path for you. By following your light you will be able to lead yourself from pitfalls, avoid dead ends and roads filled with obstacles.

If you can’t see your inner light you have to rely on other people or your emotions. Your intuition is your inner tuition. It is your inner compass that guides you towards what is good for you and away from what is harmful.

Too often we feel the guidance or warning and simply brush it away with logic, telling ourselves we are being irrational. Your intuition will react to every decision you make, large or small, important or immaterial. On our Lightworker Training you will learn to trust your intuition and to attune it so it becomes like a beacon shining within, pulling and nudging you, whispering guidance at all times

Intuition though your Dreams

Your dreams are packed with intuitive guidance direct from your Higher Self and the spiritual realms. All dreams are important containing messages crucial to your wellbeing. There simply aren’t any unimportant dreams. They all have meaning if you know where to look. Unfortunately too many of us dismiss them as irrelevant simply because we don’t understand them. Junking your dreams is like deleting an e-mail from God, or an archangel as spam.

At Psycademy we have a team of symbologists who can sift through the clues and locate the core message in your dream.You will know instantly that this message is relevant for you when it sends shivers down your spine as the gravitas and significance resonates within your energy field. Each interpretation is a personal message from the Higher Worlds of Consciousness.

Warning / Advice

Please don’t try to use a dream interpretation book. These are translations of other people’s symbols. It’s much better to see or train as a Lightworker Practitioner and discover how to identify the significance of ANY symbol, for yourself or your clients.