Finding and maintaining your inspiration

Pile of booksThere is no question about it. Writing a book is a task that gives you immense pleasure when it appears in print and even more pleasure when you get reader reviews. It is also a task that will require a not inconsiderable amount of dedication of your time.

So you had that initial inspiration to write the book. Perhaps an idea came in a dream – a whole story, plot and cast of characters. Perhaps you heard about how writing a business book could transform you into a guru in demand for interviews on radio and TV and as a speaker on the circuit.
Ofttimes I come across writers who just start but never finish. And I know this as I’ve been there too …
Writers will undoubtedly hit blocks throughout the process. Whether it is simply that ideas just dry up or, more commonly, that the hustle and bustle of life just gets in the way. Events conspire against the budding author that eat into the already precious time that has been allocated to writing.

The book is often a labour of love as opposed to a commissioned work. Advances from publishers just seem to be doled out to sport or pop stars (or their ghost writers) for the autobiography of a 21 year old.

It’s natural therefore when the family or the bank account demands your attention, writing that book falls by the way side.

The trick to all this is much deeper than simply having an idea and the time and space to implement it. The inspiration to write the book needs to be embedded into your DNA.

Using techniques modified from the worlds of Neuro- linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy, we’ve come up with a process that seems to help and get consistently good results.

The process we go through is as follows:
– chunking up on the reason that you want to write the book in the first place
– aiming for the best possible end result
– clearing all negative emotional baggage (in this life and even previous ones)
– perceptual positioning to take you on the readers’ journey before, during and after they have read your book
– connecting your current self with the successfully published author you will become in the future
We call this latter phenomenon this quantum entanglement with the words you haven’t written yet …..


You can learn more about the techniques we use at our regular workshops or when you undertake our correspondence course – details and registration here


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