Why learn the Qabalah?

Recently brought back into the public eye by Madonna, the Qabalah (sometime known or spelt Kabbalah) is an ancient key to one of the most powerful energy systems on the planet.

Once you have activated the Qabalistic energies within yourself, it literally makes you a powerful person. You become fully aligned, a force to be reckoned with – and unstoppable. You will embody the charisma of powerful leaders. The Qabalah enables you to understand your inner psyche, understand yourself and who you really are. When mastered, you can achieve what looks like magic. In the wrong hands, however, such power can be dangerous. Have you ever wondered how Hitler managed to manipulate the masses to allow the atrocities of the holocaust? Did Britain’s esoteric masters really unite to combat and repress him on the Etheric plane? We may never know for sure but there is certainly a lot of speculation about this.

What is the Qabalah?

The Qabalistic system is based around the Tree of Life, which is a ground plan for the workings of the Universe. The Tree of Life is a geometrical arrangement of ten Sephiroth, or spheres, each of which is associated with a different archetypal idea. They system has been found the most efficient plan ever devised to classify and organise the characteristics of the Self.
The true knowledge of this system has been hidden and kept secret for many years. For centuries the only way to access the secrets of such power has been reserved for the elite few. To some extent this is still true today, and with good reason. Such power requires control and in the wrong hands such power would be dangerous, not only for the individual but for the world.

How can you use the Qabalah?

The Qabalah makes you a powerful healer. When you have activated the energies within yourself, not only do you become healed, but you can use this energy to heal others. The process involves activating your central or middle pillar, whilst you are in the presence of an ill person. You then resonate your own middle pillar to activate their energy until they become healed. It was said that this was how Jesus healed many of the sick, with the slightest touch.

How can you learn this?

You can learn this safely and rapidly through our Lightworker Ascension training programme. To see if you are ready, take our test to find out where you are in your current cycle and receive our free e-book. Find out how to get to the next stage, with minimal chaos or pain.

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