Karma one of the most important spiritual principles and one that is often very misunderstood.

Karma is nothing more than the law of Cause and Effect.

When we talk about Karma most people think of this as crime and punishment. If I do something bad then something bad will happen to me and vice versa. In fact there is no “bad” or “good”. People also believe that we are punished in future lives for mistakes or bad deeds in this life. In the Psycademy model there is no good or bad. Every experience is simply the result Cause and Effect. Karma is a Sanskrit word and one translation of it is “to cause to happen”.

Our current experience is entirely our own creation. What is happening in your life right now is the result of your past thoughts, words and actions.

Some of this will have been conscious. You will have made an active choice to pursue a particular path. Some of this will have been unconscious and be a result of programmes and patterning in the unconscious mind. Some of this will have been at the level of the Higher Self and the choices made before birth.

Lets look at these in turn.

Consciously Created Karma.

This is our active and conscious choice. For example you might decide on what to wear, where to live or a particular career path. You know you are choosing, and may even spend some time considering which choice to make.

Unconscious Created Karma.

Deep in your unconscious mind are filters, beliefs, attitudes and values. You can think of these like computer programmes that are installed in your early childhood. Most people don’t know they are there or how they operate. They simply find that things in their life either work out or don’t work out and they have no idea why.

Take beliefs for example. Beliefs act like an on/off switch. If you have a limiting belief the switch is set to OFF and an empowering belief will set the switch to ON. My colleague was working with a client to assist them in manifesting a new job. During the process we found a limiting belief “employers don’t employ people over 50”. That’s a limiting belief. If you are running that unconsciously it’s like you are a radio tuned only to meet employers who don’t employ people over 50. Although she knew logically and consciously that there ARE employers out there who WILL employ older people, she wasn’t meeting them because she was tuning in to attract only those who fitted her belief. Just telling yourself it’s not true does not retune the dial and you will still attract according to that belief. Limiting beliefs can be changed, but only at the level of the unconscious mind, which is why NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis are so effective.

Higher Self Karma

For many years now I have used hypnosis and other techniques with hundreds of clients to identify the source of current problems. A significant number of them can easily be regressed to the time before they were born and they remember choosing their parents, whether to be male or female, choosing any disabilities, and choosing what they wanted to achieve, experience and learn in their current life. There have been many studies back up this experience.

It seems that Karma is about learning and experience and choice. It is even possible to create limiting beliefs before incarnating. I was experiencing the situation of always having to struggle alone with everything I tried to achieve. I went for a breakthrough and during the therapy found that just before I incarnated I had decided “I have to do it alone”. Since removing this limiting belief life has gotten considerably easier.

Spiritual beings, not currently incarnating, cannot learn and experience. In order to learn experience and grow, we need to incarnate and begin creating experiences for ourselves. But once you have gotten the learnings the lesson can stop and the problem disappear.

You are not a victim of your Karma; if you are experiencing life situations and problems they can be solved and removed. You don’t have to simply suffer saying “It’s my Karma”. Instead say “It’s my Karma which means I created it and chose it, so I can choose to create something different.”

These are the main steps to release your Karma. 1. Find the source of the problem. 2. Get the learnings. 3. Release negative emotions. 4. Create something different.


3 Responses to Karma

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  2. FIONA BALL says:


    Blimey! I find this so interesting. I recently was in contact with an astrologer, she says theres a lot more to astrology than just the 12 signs. Her insights were interesting and I’ve yet to see if they come true. I’ve taken her advice, infact I’m at at a bit of a cross roads and am looking for a new career path. I am going to see a life coach tomorrow, but I often feel blocked if you know what I mean. I worry about lack of money etc etc. I need to get on the right path now. I’ve been going from job to job for a while now and now need to concentrate on a totally new path. I’ve had clinical depression, but seem to have come along way. I’d love you to email me back with any thoughts or ideas????

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