Enlightened or Unenlightened

ChakraMany people will tell you they are spiritual. They will tell you they meditate, ask their angels, read their cards daily. But they seem to cling to the label of spirituality and preach evangelically to others about what they “should” do.

In most cases, those who say they are spiritual are not, because if they feel the need to TELL someone they are not living it.

True enlightenment speaks for itself. You demonstrate it in your actions, your aura, every fibre of your being broadcasts it.

People around you will feel it in their bones. They may not know what it is and they will say things like “there is just something about him/her”.

True enlightenment does not mean you live a blessed and perfect existence. But it shows in the way you meet life’s challenges. True enlightenment welcomes problems, taking responsibility for creating them and working to recognise why, how and how they can change themselves to overcome the problem.

One of the surest way to recognise an unenlightened soul is that they will judge others. An unenlightened person will act out when things don’t go the way they want them to. An unenlightened person will blame others.

An enlightened person will ask themselves “How did I create this?” or “How did I attract this?” An enlightened person will own their own pain.

An enlightened person will see another acting out and blaming and instead of blaming back, will say “they are just unenlightened”. And they will say this without judgment that this is worse or better than they are. It is simply an observation and a statement. As if it is a statement about the colour of the grass.

We can call the grass green and the sky blue this does not mean the grass is better than the sky or the sky is better than the grass. The difference is simply one of the frequencies of the light wave emanating from the sky or the grass.

This is the same with enlightenment. There are some who are more evolved and vibrate at a frequency that is higher than others, just as blue vibrates higher than red or green, does not make blue better than green.

An unenlightened person is no better or worse than an enlightened one. Just somewhere else on the scale.


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