Dream Inspiration

Dream inspirationThere is a light inside you. It fires your desires, leads you to move, and draws you to others. It is the connector for you to all things. It is the focal point for your psychic and spiritual energy and is where your reactions and feelings are strongest.

This light always shines no matter how dark or deep the tunnel you have dug for yourself. It shines towards the best path for you. By following your light you will be able to lead yourself from pitfalls, avoid dead ends and roads filled with obstacles.

If you can’t see your inner light you have to rely on other people or your emotions. Your intuition is your inner tuition. It is your inner compass that guides you towards what is good for you and away from what is harmful.

Too often we feel the guidance or warning and simply brush it away with logic, telling ourselves we are being irrational. Your intuition will react to every decision you make, large or small, important or immaterial. On our Lightworker Training you will learn to trust your intuition and to attune it so it becomes like a beacon shining within, pulling and nudging you, whispering guidance at all times

Intuition though your Dreams

Your dreams are packed with intuitive guidance direct from your Higher Self and the spiritual realms. All dreams are important containing messages crucial to your wellbeing. There simply aren’t any unimportant dreams. They all have meaning if you know where to look. Unfortunately too many of us dismiss them as irrelevant simply because we don’t understand them. Junking your dreams is like deleting an e-mail from God, or an archangel as spam.

At Psycademy we have a team of symbologists who can sift through the clues and locate the core message in your dream.You will know instantly that this message is relevant for you when it sends shivers down your spine as the gravitas and significance resonates within your energy field. Each interpretation is a personal message from the Higher Worlds of Consciousness.

Warning / Advice

Please don’t try to use a dream interpretation book. These are translations of other people’s symbols. It’s much better to see or train as a Lightworker Practitioner and discover how to identify the significance of ANY symbol, for yourself or your clients.


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